Important Survival Skills For Wilderness

Nature is a great gift given to the human beings by planet Earth. Other than being full of possibilities and beauty, recent studies have revealed that exposure to nature improves one’s mental and physical health. As far as embracing great outdoors is concerned, there is a difference between survival and enjoyment. For instance, you pack to go on a camping trip for enjoyment only to turn to survival when things go amiss. For instance, can you survive in such situations? Where can you get water? What are you going to eat? Do you have the skills you require to ensure sustenance and safety?

In this post, you will learn some of the vital things you need to survive. The Lost Ways is one of the recommended survival programs you can try. You can read The Lost Ways Review to find out more. Find out if you have what is required to survive in such tough and harsh conditions.

Survival skills


g3edf6chwe7dj29i22The body needs nutritional sustenance to survive. It offers your body the energy, focus, and water it requires to function as required. How is this going to be accomplished? First of all, you need to know edible insects and plants. When in the wilderness, you should avoid plants that appear hairy, bulbous, milky, have pink spurs, or three leaves. These are signs that such plants are poisonous. Some of the wild plants that are edible include dandelion, sorrel, clovers. Unfortunately, you cannot survive only on greens. You need fat and protein to thrive. Most insects you will find are edible such as grasshoppers, bees, even worms.


You cannot survive without clean water. Thus, you ought to learn how to get water and purify it. This can be done in several ways. You can collect rainwater in pots or tarps, and leave it to the surface. After collection, ensure you purify it.

First aid

You need to learn how to do first aid. Learn how to fashion slings and splints. Also, you should know how to dress up wounds. This can be a difference between death and life in the wilderness.g23edf7ci8ek2


Learn how you can create fire and maintain it. Remember that fire is quite important for water purification and warmth. Thus, understanding how you can get the fire going in both dry and wet environments is quite useful for survival.

Self defense

When forced into survival, you are likely to find yourself in a situation that needs self-defense. Take time to learn about self-defense and pack a pocket knife. It can be handy in the wilderness.…

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